Quick, easy and moist OREO cake

I am a very impulsive eater and while most times I would invest time on stiff egg white peaks for a perfect cake ,there are time when i just want a very quick fix which has chocolate is moist and is a cake which I can eat with a lot of  chocolate sauce to satiate the chocolate craving.I use to swear by the chocolate cake in a cup but I have found a new favorite and sharing the same here.

The Super Easy Quick Moist Oreo cake.

What do I need?….. Well nothing much…a packet of oreo biscuits, a cup of milk and the eno fruit salt one t – spoon full

Grind the biscuits together with cream intact to a fine powder. Take this out in a container and milk and stir into a coating consistency batter. Something similar to how dhokla batter looks before we add soda or eno.

To this batter add eno and stir again. Thats it. Preparation is done.

Now microwave this for 5-6 mins. Take this out of microwave and allow it to cool before you de – mould otherwise it might just crumble..its that soft.

Enjoy with chocolate sauce.


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