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2 minute check – Create Aura , Make Good Impression

Hello! my beautiful Friends !!

Basics 3 – Makeup applicators – Makeup sponges

Final edition of basics. Most convenient and give fine results – Makeup sponges. I prefer the original beauty blender over anything else but its quite expensive to my normal Indian eyes. Other options are realtechniques Makeup sponge and the etc…

Basics 2 – Makeup applicators – Fine Brushes -realTechniques

Basics again of makeup applicator Brushes. and This time its going to to be fine brushes. umm yeah realTechniques brushes are “fine” but I am referring to more precision brushes – For the Eyes. So lets get started. There are…

Basics 1 – Makeup applicators – Face Brushes -realTechniques

Basics 1 – Makeup applicators – Face Brushes when your basics are in place ,you results are almost effortless and pleasant. hmm what the hell…what it is. TRUTH OF LIFE Such is life but i am not going to talk…

Winter Care Routine ;-) ;-)

What is it all about!! why the hell..too much effort. Need to buy products for that but wait…how to buy products for that!!! These are all the musings I did when i started realizing seasonal elements to my pamper routines….

My Favorite MAC Lipsticks and Swatches for Special Occassions

Think Lipsticks ,,,,think MAC right? Well Almost. Today I share with you my 3 most favorite go – to lipsticks from MAC. I do not wear dark lip-colors all the time but there are occasions when I like bold lips…….