My Favorite MAC Lipsticks and Swatches for Special Occassions

Think Lipsticks ,,,,think MAC right? Well Almost.

Today I share with you my 3 most favorite go – to lipsticks from MAC. I do not wear dark lip-colors all the time but there are occasions when I like bold lips…. maybe on an evening out or when nothing else seems going..outfit hair or even the call cab 🙂 or just a pout-full evening with girl friends.
All of these need prepping up the lips

So here we go

The First one is RUSSIAN RED. Its creamy and highly pigmented bold but not over powering. Kind of understated boldness in Red. And I love it. You need to touch it up quite a bit but the effort is all worth it


Second one…..Rebel but its hardly that. Its a purple smooth lipstick without any shimmer or shine which stays forever. You just need to touch up once maybe through out the day of you really want to refresh it.

Last one is Girl About town. Whats a girl with fuchsia pink huh??!!. Yeah its that shade one wears on a sunny day with floral outfit and over-sized shades. Go girl…is exactly when I wear it.When I am going through that horrible bad hair and dull face day..this is the color I go to.


I hope this favorates was help for you to choose. By the Way I am between NC 30-35 in MAC foundation

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