Basics 3 – Makeup applicators – Makeup sponges

Final edition of basics.

Most convenient and give fine results – Makeup sponges.

I prefer the original beauty blender over anything else but its quite expensive to my normal Indian eyes. Other options are realtechniques Makeup sponge and the etc kinds makeup sponges.

See the below image. The black and pink one are original beauty blender and the coral-orange one is realtechniques

Makeup Applicators - Sponges

Makeup Applicators – Sponges

you can buy the Beauty Blender from here and you can buy the Realtechniques makeup sponges from here

Beautyblenders are also available on flipkart here and realtechnique ones are available here

Now on to main part to use them ????

1. Soak them in water and squeeze out all the water, the sponge should be damp and not wet.
2. Take your foundation on the finger and spot it at desired area. Now take the damp sponge and in a rolling motion apply the foundation away from the face such that it blends seamlessly in hairline.
3. You can use stippling as well to apply the product. simply take some product on your hand or tap on directly to your face and bounce of the damp beauty blender on the skin, in small gentle bounces.

why i like them so much???

They do the job with awesome finish and within no time. Literally less than the time required to apply makeup using your fingers. Yes …its thats fast.

Whats a pain…well Price and the maintenance.

With brushes I dont mind reusing them once but beauty sponges…naah. Needs to be washed and dried immediately.
Inall fairness it doesnt take very long to do so …but reusing a used one is absolute no no

Cleaning is simple again. Refer to my Basics 1 post for cleaning.

Let me know your thoughts

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