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Basics 1 – Makeup applicators – Face Brushes

    Basics 1 - Makeup applicators - Face Brushes- Left to Right - Contour,foundation,detailed and Buffing Brushes
    when your basics are in place ,you results are almost effortless and pleasant.
    hmm what the hell…what it is. TRUTH OF LIFE

    Such is life but i am not going to talk about anything complicated ..its just makeup i ponder upon today and try to present what i found out after years of half hearted attempts at dabbling in looking well turned out and groomed.

    Let me introduce you to first tool which need to have if you want to attempt to turn out flawless BRUSHES

    At the onset let me say that this is not a sponsored post in any which way and I have spent my hard earned money to buy these brushes from real techniques

    there are a few basic brushes that everyone who is interested in makeup and grooming needs to have. Of course you can use your fingers to apply the makeup but thats just about on the face. well umm and maybe eyelids.But thats about it.for every thing else you need brushes.

    Fingers are good but hygienic??!! Not too sure. But thats arguable again.

    so here we go.

    There are about 4 different brushes that all girls just need to have.

    Face Brush Types:

    1. Pointed Foundation Brush – this one we will use for all those liquids and semi liquids that go on the face. Something like a Maybelline fit me range or Nars sheer glow foundation or even your BB and CC creams.

    Basics 1 - Makeup applicators - Face Brushes

    2. The buffing Brush: anything that needs full coverage application effortlessly and makes that tired skin appear flawless. Real techniques recommends it for powders etc, but honestly I use it on a daily basis to apply my liquid foundation everyday.

    Basics 1 - Makeup applicators - Face Brushes

    3. Contour Brush – for fans of chiseled and defined face this is a God send. Though not most popular in the type , it does the job well.

    Basics 1 - Makeup applicators - Face Brushes

    4. Precision brush – for those nooks and corners which you want to conceal and above three bushes dont do the justice, I use the precision brush. I use it for cupid’s bow mostly. And also applying the good old lipstick.

    Basics 1 - Makeup applicators - Face Brushes

    Cleaning routine for brushes :

    1. Clean the heavily used ones every 2 days of usage. Others can be cleaned weekly once. Clean brushes speak a lot about your personality. They show you are responsible because you take good care of them and so you value your assets and money & conscious about your hygiene and cleanliness. More importantly they do wonders to the final outcome of using brushes as tools for makeup

    2. Merely cleaning is not enough you also need to take care of they drying completely before you reuse them after washing. Because otherwise not only will they smell and spoil , they will also waste a lot of your makeup products. And the “done” you would look horrendous. So dry them.

    3. How do you clean them? is that what is on your mind? well just soak them in look warm water and wash them off with baby shampoo.I even use my pears moisturizing gel bar to clean them and results are just awesome.

    It took me some trial and error to figure out all the above and for many years I didn’t even know anything other than palm of my hand and fingers to apply whatever little makeup i had known of then.
    and I do think these tips will come in handy.If they do let me know.

    I would love to hear from you.

    Oh and wait for the Part 2 and 3 in this anxiously.

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