2 minute check – Create Aura , Make Good Impression

 Aura and impression

Aura and impression

Hello! my beautiful Friends !!

Very often I see young girls or even grown up laterals being looked curiously upon mainly because of how they turn up at work and the aura they create around them

I feel it’s important not to get overwhelmed by the burden of looking and presenting oneself well put together and at the same time pay attention to the image we all project.

Recently I was having girl chat during office lunch hour with my girlfriends after we were done with lunch. Usual girly chit chat ..completely non-work related, and the topic was makeup. A senior colleague of mine commented that I don’t come across as someone who is interested in makeup stuff.
But I am … not just interested but well aware.This opinion was perhaps because I don’t very often use makeup at work.

2 minute check – Create Aura , make good Impression

There are many times when we are associated with something we don’t know anything about or we are not associated with stuff in life we are extremely passionate about.
Why does this happen? Do people don’t pay attention to observe us and our intentions?

Not really. On the contrary, one is very minutely observed and it’s only human that opinions are made.This is not just at workplace but even when you interact with extended family, acquaintances etc

Then? Is it us who give out a wrong message? Well maybe..but it is more likely we don’t pay attention to what we project.The aura that we create. we choose that aura.

Have you observed the Human Resource team of your company? They are very well put together, friendly, approachable and yet you know that they carry this “don’t mess with me because I am on your side” aura.

So what is to be done? This is the first step in creating an impression you want people to make of you.

Create Aura , make good Impression

1. After you get ready, look at yourself in the mirror and analyse what you see. People will perceive you as you see yourself in that mirror.
When I say look at yourself, I mean look at yourself, not just the face.

2. Ask yourself, is this what you want to project? If the answer is yes…make your peace with it and don’t start doing a critical analysis of yourself when you see people with a better and well put together aura.

3. If you feel something needs to change, Change it right away. For example, you might prefer your hair tied in a ponytail away from your face, but you look more suited to impression you desire to create with hair left untied…then untie that mane
I always follow this 2-minute check when I am bothered about my aura and impression i want to create

2-minute check for making a good impression

1. well-groomed nails and brows. If the nail paint is chipping wipe it clean. It is best to have no nail paint than having a chipped polish.
2. Clean nose and ear. Make sure your nose and ears are clean. Believe me worst sight in the world is to see a nose with bugger hanging out. So please clean both
3. Check the dress and accessories. Don’t over accessorise. Remember less is more. your dress should be wrinkle free. Don’t turn up at the place with the wrinkled dress. That’s like going to a temple with chappal on. Don’t do it.
4. Check your makeup is in place. Follow less is more principle. If it looks patchy touchup. The best rule is to go neutral. Even if overdone, it doesn’t look gaudy.

Let me know how many of you follow this 2-minute check…and don’t forget to take care of the aura. 🙂

You can check my Winter skincare routine to start making a small effort here

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