About Me

As a full time software professional I was getting stagnated and there wasn’t just enough outlay for all the creativity (or so I thought at the time) was bubbling inside of my frustrated brain. This all is my musings and actions on food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty and Housekeeping

It started with blog posts of cooking and then moved to beauty.

When its food I like experimenting not just in eating but in cooking also. I try new stuff or just give a small twist to very popular but mundane dishes.

Beauty and fashion are things of immense interest to all girls …techie or non techie. I am no different. I love everything that makes me look good and feel confident. So be it home made face packs or high end urban decay eye shadows….I love them all.

As a home manager 😉 I also pay attention to my housekeeping. I am a very house proud person. And I like to make an effort on that as well. and the results do show up.

My effort is to share the tastiest and easiest recipes with you, make you use the right products when it comes to makeup ,use the right brands ,help you in an effort to make you houseproud but most importantly this blog is a means to express myself through the dishes i make, the decor I setup ,the way I dress and the way I choose my makeup.

I use this blog as my non work related pursuits be it cooking,fashion,lifestyle, housekeeping or maybe even beauty. I work as a full time employee in one of the IT firms and vent out my interests and pursuits here. Leave me a comment if you like my blogs or just to say Hi. I will be happy to hear from you.

Start Browsing. I am sure you will find something interesting On Food ,Fashion, beauty and lifestyle

For feedback and business inquiry do drop me a note on venusestalk@gmail.com